Company History

The firm commenced operations in 1986. Located at Udaipur (Rajasthan), the unit has easy access to raw materials as well as major textile hubs in West, North & Central India. The unit is located in a notified industrial zone with ample availability of support infrastructure. We manufacture sulphur black powder, liquid and solubilised sulphur black powder. Our sulphur dyes are used in textile, leather & paper.



We firmly believe that responsible manufacturing is the only way forward hence a rigid quality and pollution control is our defining benchmarks. We are a strict Zero Liquid Discharge (ZLD) plant. We are an ISO 9001, 14001, 18001 certified firm and we lay special emphasis to OHAS. Spread out over 4000Sqm our manufacturing facility is well planned and equipped, with at most importance to safety standards.


We firmly believe in substrate chemistry and surface chemistry of sulphur dyes. Hence the checks on raw material, dye synthesis and end use on substrate (textile, leather & paper) are well controlled with in-house laboratories. We focus on not just the QC of our dyes but also the surface chemistry of the dye with the substrate enabling us to deliver more sustainable & quality products to the end user. We have dedicated dyeing laboratories for dyeing of textile, paper pulp & leather.


Employees are companies greatest assets. We have a highly qualified team with years of experience. Dedicated job-specific personnel ensure an efficient and seamless work management.

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